I design compelling experiences and engaging solutions brick-by-brick filling in every gap as I go. My determined and empathetic mindset helps keep the user at the heart of my work.

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is a visual and interaction focused user experience designer.

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Coming to terms with what I wanted to do with the rest of my life was not easy. I went through phases upon phases of idealistic career paths and nothing fit me just right. 

When it comes to planning, I've always been straight to the point, knowing exactly what I want to do and when, but as I grew, so did my hunger for something different. My hunger for more led me to my passion for user-centered design. Finding that perfect balance of creativity aligned with a strong sense of direction really let me find my niche in the world of technology. I was initially drawn to UX Design purely out of curiosity and a love for graphic design in general. Slowly but surely, I dug deeper into the different aspects of what it really means to create a user experience, and I found that apart from the design I love, understanding what people really want is something that I can focus on to drive my creativity and design to new levels.

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