I am a junior at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design with a focus on visual and interaction design principles, pursuing minors in communication and psychology, with a certificate in entrepreneurship. I want to develop experiences that bring both impact and awe and wish that my work influences users in memorable and positive ways.

I bring a versatile set of communication skills alongside technical design abilities to match. My areas of expertise are in the Adobe Suite (I prefer to use Adobe XD for all of my side work), Sketch, Figma, and have a strong understanding of web dev languages with a LinkedIn Certification in CSS. I love to work in teams and make friends out of everyone I meet! This semester (fall 2019) I am working as a team leader in my major's Experience Studio course, working with UEGroup for the semester on an exploratory communication platform project.


My experience in the field comes in the form of a research-focused internship at Purdue University and I have worked with two startups in critiquing and modifying mobile experiences. I am currently searching for a design-focused internship for summer 2020 and am learning even more in the meantime through further research and freelance work.


Outside of my daily routine, you can find me on campus spending time with my friends, working on personal passion projects, or enjoying a late-night gaming sesh. 

Check out my resume for my contact info and more.

about me

When I first started my journey into the rabbit-hole of UX, I thought everything was going to be smooth and easy. I coasted along and finally realized that I had no idea what I was doing. After a few mental turnarounds and help from a few mentors, I broke my shell and came out on top. 

Now, a few years later, I feel confident in a few things!

  • With enough effort, I can do anything

  • UX is crazy, and I love it

  • I am focused and ready to succeed

Although I have learned so much, I know I am only in the shallow end. I am eager to learn more and want to do so by making a real-world impact with my work. My journey started a long time ago, however, and I owe who I am today to my journey as a kid.

I simply love to design. I love to create. I always have, since I was small. It all started when I was about 10. I would sketch out fantastical characters and mighty heroes during classes where I should’ve been paying more attention. I would flesh them out and create unique and colorful worlds and adventures like those I had seen in movies and stories. These would go on to inspire me to create more and more until I had an entire world full of animals, people, and who knows what to dream about! As I grew I would take my creations with me in my head, but now welcomed in the creations of others into my thoughts.


I found that other people too had brilliantly articulated worlds with depths far greater than mine. I began to read all about the different worlds from the likes of Tolkien, Asimov, and Karpyshyn. I let their feelings guide me in my passions in life. I began to think, “how could I create this, and how would Tolkien have done it?” I began to imagine all the different ways that things could come about but from various points of view rather than just my own. And thus began my journey into user experience design without me even knowing.

my design philosophy

my experience timeline

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